Panasonic Inceases Production of 3D HDTV as Sales Go Up

Franz Bicar

April 27, 2010

3D HDTV sets are on the rise. Panasonic has announced plans to increase its production of their 3D HDTV sets.

With the recent popularity of 3D movies and the availability of 3D content, demand for 3D HDTV sets goes higher and higher. Manufacturing companies pounce on this new development to further boost their sales and market.

Panasonic’s latest 3D-capable plasma line, the VT25, arrived in the US last month. The sets were launched to a very strong consumer reaction as the US unit allocation sold out in just one week.

Panasonic’ plasma panel factory has seen its production capacity increased by 30% to handle the unexpectedly high sales numbers.

The increased production capacity will hopefully fulfill US demand, and allow the company to prepare for the TV’s Japanese and European launch over the next two months.

Many of the major manufactuers have been pushing 3D technology, touting it as the next big entertainment innovation.

With plenty of mainstream 3D content at the movies, starting with Avatar and including the likes of recent flick Clash Of The Titans, it’s no surprise that consumers are starting to respond.


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