Sony Finally Makes a Profit on PS3s

April 27, 2010

At last, the PS3 is finally making profits for Sony.

As of February, Sony’s PS3 was losing around $18 for every unit sold. But, finally, a new component that would be used on future units will allow the company to make a profit on each system.

The 40-nanometer RSX graphics chip will be a lot cheaper and cooler thereby reducing production cost for every PS3 system.

Even better for Sony, the chip will require less overall power to run (about 15 percent), which is ultimately good for your wallet.

These consoles with updated chipsets will be available in stores as they are manufactured.

This will be a new beginning for Sony. In the future, the company could find cheaper and better materials to use for their system.

This would ultimately allow them to profit even more seeing as the PS3 has picked up its popularity largely due to the new titles and games released for the system this year.


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