T Mobile offers fastest mobile broadband

April 27, 2010

Mobile broadband is occasionally something of a contradictory term, especially when it comes down to using a mobile broadband service while actually moving.

In a test carried out by broadbandgenie.co.uk it was found that T Mobile performed the best out of the six largest providers of mobile broadband services in the UK.

The test took place on a three hundred and fifty mile train journey from Cambridge to Bournemouth and back.

The team tested dongles from 3, O2, Orange, T Mobile, Virgin Media and Vodafone over the course of the trip.

However it was T Mobile that came out on top, achieving a top broadband connection speed of over 3 Mbps, but it averaged 1.9 Mbps over the journey.

Part of the test was to download a 20 Mb podcast file, which took just 22 seconds.


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  1. poo says:

    This really is a load of cobblers, just because it was the fastest on a train journey that doesnt mean its the fastest overall in the uk

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