Muslim leaders ban NTV channel in Kenya

April 28, 2010

Website: Rapid TV News

Muslim leaders in the north of Kenya have prohibited all public viewing of the privately-owned NTV channel.

The ban extends throughout the Kenyan district of Mandera.

BBC Monitoring is reporting that the ban includes public viewing of international football on satellite television.

Secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims, Adan Wachu, has voiced support for the ban saying the “intermingling of the sexes, chewing of [mildly soporific leaf] khat and smoking of bhang” in commercial “TV dens” in the district was affecting the Muslim youth.

Some residents of the district who were interviewed, said they supported the ban which appeared to target DSTV - a South African-owned international satellite pay channel.

Unlicensed public viewing of DSTV sports channels, which mainly feature the English Premier League, is common and attracts large viewership in Kenya.

Monthly-subscription for the sports channel is about US$70 (about 6,000 Kenyan shillings) and is beyond the reach of most Kenyans.

Public viewing is available in hotels, bars and kiosks where a fee of about 50 shillings (less than a dollar) is charged.

DSTV has no adult content channel and carries the UK-based Islam Channel in all its bouquets.

The report quoted the Supreme Council official as saying that district residents should tune in to the government-owned KBC television to watch the World Cup.


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