Google may be heading for trouble

April 30, 2010

Google being in trouble or having problems is something that many people would have thought to be impossible, but according to the boss of Yahoo! Carol Bartz, Google will have problems in the future if it does not diversify more.

The view is that Google may be the largest search engine in the world, but there has to be more than search for Google.

In fact growth is the key to success and surviving in the long term.

It may seem weird talking about Google in the way, but could Carol Bartz have a point?

The problem for Google is that its main business is search, whereas for a company like Yahoo! search is only half the story.

But Yahoo! is not without problems and some industry experts believe that the company could be floundering.


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  1. Sketch says:


    Google Mail
    Google Checkout
    Google Shopping
    Google Maps
    Goole OS (android)
    Google Navigation
    Google News
    Google own distribution and branding of phones (N1)
    Tens of popular applications for several mobile platforms

    Not to mention all of the tools to help web developers.

    The list will can go on and will continue to grow.

    What a pointless article.

  2. Allan says:

    I have been looking at the growth figures for Yahoo and google. If I had to choose between yahoo and google when investing money I would choose google.

  3. Are you serious?! says:

    Either this is a joke or it’s a news item from 1997. Have we not seen google diversify and disrupt countless established industries!?!

  4. Brian Turner says:

    Carol Bartz needs to focus on Yahoo more - the company is still bleeding from the poor management and lack of direction it’s had for years.

    Meanwhile, Google has attempted to diversify, and arguably has failed on every occassion.

    However, it remains a fact that Google excels in its core market, while Yahoo excels at none.

    Google brings in the bigger revenues and profits - let Yahoo focus on that, before getting cocky.

  5. GodGle says:

    What a heap of rubbish this article is. Not even news. She should have been ignored. Why? Because google has a thousand more times diversity than Yahoo. GoogleTV Dektop box, blogging, google-scholar, google shopping, free software. Yahoo, just shut the hell up!

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