Over a million iPads flogged

Darren Allan

May 3, 2010

Apple is boasting about the latest figures for its iPad sales.

And in the initial four weeks on sale, the tablet has managed to exceed one million units shifted.

The news comes as Apple released the 3G version of the iPad in the US on Friday, and according to analysts Piper Jaffray, it shifted approximately 300,000 of the new models over the weekend.

Which was around about the same amount that the wi-fi version managed in its launch weekend of April 3rd.

Many stores sold out of the 3G model on the very first day it was stocked, according to various reports.

Steve Jobs has been out blowing his trumpet, pointing out that the iPhone took twice as long to hit the million mark, and that demand for the iPad still outstrips supply.

Apparently some twelve million apps have been download by Apple’s tablet users. It’s a more than promising start which is doubtless making Jobs a happy man.


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