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May 4, 2010

Google artist talks Doodles

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by Darren Allan

Google’s chief doodle designer has been discussing his search related scribbles.

Google doodles are the famous drawings that incorporate the Google logo in some manner of theme to celebrate a special occasion.

Important calendar days, such as Valentine’s and St George’s, are marked by doodles, as are special occasions like HG Wells’ birthday (which involved a series of mysterious UFO related images running up to the actual date).

Michael Lopez is the artist in charge of the doodle sketchers, and he told The Telegraph that the team is “trying to change the range artistically not only to keep us from getting bored, but to keep things new, fun and fresh for our viewers.”

He revealed that many designs started off being scrawled on desk tops, napkins, or indeed bean bags.

The doodle team often works outside the office, in a range of different locations to try and create inspiration for new ideas.

So if you’re on holiday in California, and you find your backpack having a series of animals doodled on it in the shape of the letters G, O, L and E, don’t worry, it’s just the search engine’s artists brain-storming.

If they start to write rude words on your forehead, mind you, that could be the time to complain.

Incidentally, when it comes to the British efforts, team member Ryan Germick designed the last St George’s day doodle.

Story link: Google artist talks Doodles

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