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May 4, 2010

Microsoft Internet Explorer Drops Share in Browser Market

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by Franz Bicar

The browser war is not over. There is no clear winner - however, there is a clear loser. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has seen its share in the browser market decrease as years go by. In April, it hit an all time low at under 60 percent according to the latest NetApplications statistics. Internet Explorer’s losses are at the expense of Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome browser which continue to grow more popular.

For the first time since Internet Explorer 4 won over Netscape over 10 years ago, Microsoft’s browser has dropped in usage to 59.95 per cent market share in April this year. Internet Explorer had an 80 percent market share less than two years ago.

According to the survey, Mozilla’s Firefox browser now has nearly 25 percent market share, and has been stationery for the last two months at around a quarter of the market. Firefox is still the largest threat to Internet Explorer’s dominance. Next in line is Google’s Chrome browser with 6.7 percent and is growing very fast. This growth is very impressive as Chrome climbed from 0 to 6.7 in just two years.

Opera, which has been recently in the news with their new Opera Mini browser for iPhone, commands only 2.3 percent of the market in the NetApplications statistics.

NetApplciation’s numbers are not too far off from StatCounter data either, which says that Internet Explorer has 56.5 percent of the market share, followed by Firefox with 31.3 per cent, then by Chrome and Safari with 5.3 and 3.6 percent respectively. StatCounter measures Opera at 2.2 percent.

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