UK Apple iPad dated and priced

Darren Allan

May 7, 2010

Finally, Apple has revealed the exact date and pricing details for the iPad in the UK.

The iPad will be out on May 28th, three weeks today, and pre-orders will start on May 10th, next Monday.

While the good news is that there aren’t any more delays (touch wood), the not so good news is that the pricing came in a bit heavier than we anticipated.

The most basic iPad, the 16GB wi-fi model, we first guessed would cost about £400, then we recently revised our estimate to a “bit more” than the £400 mark.

Unfortunately it’s actually £429, which is a bit more than the bit more we were expecting, and that theme continues down the range.

The 32GB wi-fi model will be £499, and the 64GB wif-fi iPad £599.

If you want 3G as well, a 16GB iPad will run to £529, and the 32GB and 64GB versions will cost £599 and a stonking £699 respectively.

It’s not exactly budget territory at the low end, never mind the top. You can buy a very well kitted notebook for £700, or indeed a good desktop PC.

Apple reckons it has already shifted over a million iPads in the US, but we think these prices will put the brakes on sales a bit more over in Blighty.

Particularly as some of the more fanatical Apple folks have already taken the plunge and imported an iPad, impatient with the long wait and delays.

Yahoo revealed this week that 10% of the traffic it has measured on the iPad comes from outside of the US, primarily from France, Germany and the UK, along with Taiwan and Hong Kong.

So there are more than a few US iPads that have been bought up already, which will cut into UK sales to an extent.


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