Facebook hires hot-shot lawyer for privacy defence

Darren Allan

May 10, 2010

Facebook has recently come under increasing amounts of fire for its handling of privacy issues.

The latest furore, which happened just last week, involved a bug which exposed a user’s private chats to their Facebook friends, via the account privacy settings, ironically enough.

It meant the social networking site had to shut down the chat system for a while, but also led to flak from many corners of the net.

And a representative of the Electronic Privacy Information Centre in the US said, regarding the mistake: “Our view is that the Federal Trade Commission needs to act on consumer concerns about Facebook’s sloppy privacy and security practices.”

According to Computerworld UK, EPIC (the organisation’s smart acronym) has filed a complaint with the FTC alleging that Facebook “has engaged in unfair and deceptive trade practices in violation of consumer protection law”.

Facebook hasn’t taken this threat lying down, as they’ve drafted in a top lawyer to help defend themselves.

Tim Muris is the man in question. He was a senior regulator in the Bush administration, the Finanical Times reports. Muris was actually a former chairman of the FTC, so is pretty well versed for this particular role.

Whatever happens, Facebook best get tightening its privacy belt, as the site really doesn’t need any more embarrassing trouser-slipping-down moments such as last week’s chat shenanigans.


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  1. Rou says:

    People concerned about their privacy should not be putting information on the internet. It is much more likely that personal infomation is stolen through a PC than through facebook. It is simple, if you dont want internet users to know about your personal life do not publish it in facebook.

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