Super-fast Wireless Gigabit moves a step closer

Darren Allan

May 10, 2010

The next generation of wireless technology has moved a step closer, with an agreement being forged between the Wi-Fi Alliance and Wireless Gigabit Alliance.

No mention was made of the Rebel Alliance, although it’s believed they were possibly busy dealing with an insurrection on Endor at the time of discussions.

The two groups have agreed to co-operate in advancing 60GHz wireless technology towards the living room of the near future.

Wireless Gigabit, as it’s known, can shift data far, far faster than existing wireless standards which operate in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.

The new technology is set to deliver data at speeds of over 1Gbps, up to around the 6Gbps mark.

Fast enough to allow the streaming of whacking great resolution HD movies, and whatever else you throw at it in terms of the contemporary world.

The new standard will also be backwards compatible with today’s 802.11n, meaning that if the 60GHz link failed, the system could switch back and use standard wireless.

The drawback of 60GHz is that it’s fairly short range, and that data transfer rate falls with distance.

Also, much like the infra-red of your remote control, it’s a beam which will require line of sight.

Still, even given those caveats it should be fine for the average living room.

Wireless Gigabit is backed by a number of big tech companies, the likes of which include Intel, AMD, Dell, Microsoft and Nvidia.


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