Firefox 4 plans unveiled

Darren Allan

May 11, 2010

Firefox is the most popular browsing alternative to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (or Internet Exploder, as it’s fondly known in some sections of the Internet).

And Mozilla has been talking turkey about the upcoming changes planned for its browser in version 4 of Firefox.

The most immediately obvious tweaks will be the refinements in the user interface. This will be streamlined a la Google’s Chrome.

As Director of Firefox, Mike Beltzner, commented in a presentation he gave, the smoother and simpler an interface looks, the faster a browser will seem to run to the user.

When it comes to speed, Beltzner said that Firefox is going to be “super-duper fast”. Not just super-fast, that wouldn’t be quick enough, not by half.

So maybe Firefox is taking a nippy leaf out of Opera’s playbook, as well as dipping into Chrome’s.

Permanent tabs for popular services such as Gmail are planned, and a switch tab tool is also on the cards. The latter will be a way of making it easy to flit about between a large number of open tabs.

Firefox 4 should be out at the tail end of 2010. It will be preceded by Firefox 3.64 this summer – which was known as Firefox 3.7 previously, but has now had its version number switched.

Seems a bit of an odd change, but maybe Firefox 3.64 just had that better ring about it.

It could have been worse – they could have called it Firefox 3.62. Can you imagine that! How we’d have laughed…


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  1. jack says:

    the main reason them browsers are faster is they use dual core technology

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