First terrestrial 3D HDTV in South Korea

May 11, 2010

It had to happen sooner than later; 3D HDTV being broadcast via terrestrial networks.

Until now it seemed that 3D HDTV was going to be the domain of satellite TV channel owners, as was the case with HDTV for a long time, when this was only available to satellite subscribers.

However, in South Korea the technology barriers are constantly being pushed to the limit.

In the case of 3D HDTV, the limit that determined 3D HDTV would only be available via satellite has been broken and in a few weeks time testing of terrestrial 3D HDTV will begin.

Once these broadcasts begin, South Korea will be the only country that broadcasts 3D HDTV using the airwaves rather than by using a satellite signal.


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