Technology makes you happier

Darren Allan

May 12, 2010

A study undertaken by the Chartered Institute for IT claims that there’s a link between technology and happiness.

Although in our experience, it’s a link that can be swiftly severed with a crash or two.

Technology such as computers and mobile phones make us feel empowered, increases our sense of freedom, and tends to make us feel more connected to other people.

The end result is greater life satisfaction, that all-important goal that the Rolling Stones have been chasing for so long.

The study notes that there are particularly pronounced benefits in well-being for those on lower incomes, or in the developing world.

Women benefit more from this happy-tech glow, as well, because they’re generally at the centre of their family’s social network, and so being online can help greatly in terms of communication and organisation.

In developing nations, it’s also possible that access to technology has a profound effect on the female of the species, as they often feel more socially restricted, and getting on the web can be a freeing experience. Just don’t get too carried away with that webcam, ladies…

The survey was certainly an extensive one, seeking out the opinions of some 35,000 people from around the globe.


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