Virgin Media to stop Scottish pirates

May 17, 2010

The cable TV and broadband provider, Virgin Media, is planning an assault on the pirates north of the border in Scotland.

New encryption technology is being deployed in Edinburgh in an attempt by the cable TV company to stop the unauthorised use of its set top boxes.

Recently it has been noted that premium content is being viewed without being paid for.

There is nothing that subscribers have to do, as the update will be delivered to the set top boxes and this will be accompanied by the issuing of new set top box TV smart cards.

This will mean that those consumers who are accessing the content legally will not have their service interrupted.

According to Virgin Media, this rollout will prevent any content from being accessed illegally.


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  1. roddy mclean says:

    Why scotland, britain already tried the poll tax out on us, fucking dictatorships! Virgin medias subscribers to their basic package make up @ least 45percent of their money,a high percentege of the basic package users will be hacking ppv chanels by way of a eurovox box or the like,to loose these customers will hit virgin hard,a fruitless excersise just like the so called war on drugs lol,

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