Successful launch for Astra 3B

May 25, 2010

Finally the folks at Arianespace can breathe more easily, following the successful launch of the Ariane flight V194, which was initially scheduled for launch back in March.

However, following several issues over a pressure gauge in the main stage of the launch vehicle the flights were cancelled.

The launch also marks the 50th mission for the popular Ariane 5 launch vehicle, from the spaceport in French Guiana.

It took place at 00.01 CET on Saturday and both the Astra 3B and Astrium GmbH COMSATBw 2 were successfully deployed into orbit.

The Astra 3B satellite will be manoeuvred into its final orbital position within the next few weeks and after a series of tests it is believed that the satellite is likely to go into service by the end of June.


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