Vyke Mobile Updated

May 26, 2010

Vyke has released a new updated version of Vyke Mobile providing international low cost calling for all its private and business customers.

It is now available to download free of charge on www.vyke.com.

· Free Vyke-to-Vyke calls and texts within a WiFi zone

· Up to 98% savings on international calls from within a WiFi zone

· Up to 95% savings on international calls when outside a WiFi zone

· Up to 95% savings on international SMS, in and out of a WiFi zone

Vyke provides these savings in a user friendly set-up experience.

If you use Nokia, Blackberry and Java based handsets you too can choose among the most innovative call-saving options.

Vyke Mobile offers a unique calling feature that allows its users to make inexpensive Mobile VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls.

Download Vyke Mobile onto your Blackberry and get $1 of free calling.

New users can download Vyke Mobile in their mobile web browser under http://get.vyke.com or online by visiting www.vyke.com/getvyke.

There is a quick and easy set-up procedure on the phone, along with US $1 of calling credit that will allow the user to use Vyke Mobile’s services completely free of charge.

How does Vyke Mobile work?

Visit http://www.vyke.com/help/mobile-explained.jsf for more information on Vyke Mobile service for Blackberry and other supported handsets.

Vyke Mobile is a FREE mobile application that works with approximate 90% of all mobile handsets available on the market today.


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