BBC Trust supports iPlayer

May 27, 2010

Since the launch of the BBC iPlayer in 2007 the growth in use of the service has been unprecedented and it would appear that the BBC Trust agree following its performance review of the catch up service.

The performance review was planned at the launch of the iPlayer, it began in January, when the service recorded over a 120 million requests.

According to the BBC Trust, the iPlayer is performing in line with expectations and has done a good job promoting content targeted at niche markets and so has become very popular with younger audiences.

As far as usage, at the end of 2009 the iPlayer has been used by 12 per cent of homes and a further 2 two per cent on cable, by the end of 2011 these figures are expected to be 14 per cent of all home, plus 5.6 per cent of cable customers.


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