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May 27, 2010

Go get a PSP Go and get free games

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by Darren Allan

Sony has announced that it will soon be bringing out quite a big offer to attempt to simulate sales of its PSP Go handheld console.

The unit hasn’t been all that well received, with lukewarm sales at best, despite offers such as HMV who dropped it to £149 for a limited time last November (it generally retails at the £200 mark).

But now Sony is planning to give ten free downloads to every buyer, and indeed, everyone who has bought a PSP Go since April 1st.

Great news, unless you bought one in March, in which case you can feel free to grind your teeth and shake your fist at the gaming Gods in the sky.

According to a report in MCV, the games the company is offering are top notch titles, too.

We’re talking the likes of Gran Turismo, LittleBigPlanet, 2010 FIFA World Cup and Grand Theft Auto. Big hitters indeed, and basically every new owner will get an instant top games collection. Tempting.

This could certainly help stimulate the shifting of some units, and with the PSP 2 rumoured to be announced at E3 next month, this could be the last throw of the sales dice for the Go.

Story link: Go get a PSP Go and get free games

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