Sony PS3 to gain ground on Xbox 360 in 2010

Darren Allan

May 27, 2010

The number crunchers down at Strategy Analytics are forecasting that the PS3 is going to catch up with the Xbox considerably in 2010.

Industry Gamers drew our attention to this report, which shows how the three major consoles have performed in the first quarter.

The Wii’s share of the market is remaining steady, although sales fell slightly since last year, as the overall level of sales of all consoles has dipped since 2009. Strategy Analytics projects that the whole console market will be down 9% on 2009, come the end of this year.

But the good news for Sony is that the company’s share grew in the first quarter, gaining momentum on the Xbox due to the recent slim PS3 and its price cut.

Now Strategy Analytics forecasts that the PS3 will sell 14 million units globally in 2010, with the Xbox 360 trailing on 10.5 million.

It’s also expected that the Wii will lose ground in the future, with the upcoming release of both Sony and Microsoft’s new motion controllers, Move and Natal.


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  1. Mark says:

    Hardly surprising, as outside the US the PS3 has been outselling the Xbox for years (you wouldn’t believe if it you only listened to American blogs talking about NPD every month).

    PS3 is far better value, it has far better features, it’s got far better exclusives, and it’s far cheaper to play online.

    No Brainer…

  2. MarkG says:

    Considering there is only a 4m gap in sales, if this prediction comes true, then the sales to date (despite Microsoft’s 16month headstart/botched launch) has been totally eliminated.

    Of course when I say the number are Equal, we know that’s not true, as many of those Xbox count are dead and disposed of. In all likelihood the userbases are already pretty much equal.

  3. joey72 says:

    I’m not surprised at all being a UK xbox owner. Almost as soon as I got the xbox I regretted not getting the PS3 instead. Microsoft seem intent on monetising at all costs, probably ultimately at cost to them.
    The PS3 is progressive in that you have internet access and access to things like the BBC iPlayer, as I understand it, for FREE, just as it should be in my opinion.
    I as an xbox owner am however limited to some pretty limited online services that they expect me to PAY FOR!??
    I’m sorry Microsoft, but these greedy tactics mean you are going to lose punters like me to Sony. My Xbox will be going on ebay (as I’m sure will many others) if you don’t open things up a bit internet wise and give us, as license payers, the BBC’s iPlayer, AT LEAST.
    I’m happy to pay for online gameing, and I can see why some might pay for SKY, but beyond that you are dreaming if you think us internet savvy xboxers are going to pay you to access services that are free on our PC’s.
    Stop being greedy and SORT IT OUT!

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