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May 31, 2010

Google announces Top 1000 sites

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by David Allen

The search engine has released a table of the top 1000 most visited websites in the world, and while the top site may be a fore gone conclusion, some of the other sites may not be so familiar in the UK.

With 579 billion page views, Facebook takes the top spot, with Yahoo!, Live.com, Wikepedia and MSN.com making up the top five most visited websites in the world during April 2010.

To put the whole thing into perspective here are the actual top ten most popular websites as compiled by Google;

1. facebook.com,
2. yahoo.com,
3. live.com,
4. wikipedia.org,
5. msn.com,
6. microsoft.com,
7. blogspot.com,
8. baidu.com,
9. qq.com
10. mozilla.com

Just out of interest, holding up the table in the position of 1,000, is viginmedia.com.

Story link: Google announces Top 1000 sites

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