33,000 leave on Quit Facebook Day

Darren Allan

June 1, 2010

As we reported last week, Friday was the official Quit Facebook Day.

The campaign to quit the social networking site over its privacy policy had 14,000 signed up to it at the start of last week.

So how many people ended up quitting? The two organisers of the campaign, Matthew Milan and Joseph Dee, said that 33,300 Facebook users quit, according to The Guardian.

A fairly substantial amount in the end, although a veritable drop in the social ocean of Facebook’s 450 million worldwide users.

Facebook has recently responded to privacy concerns, with CEO Mark Zuckerberg swiftly outlining a number of significant changes, which began rolling out last week.

Privacy options have now been simplified to one-click settings, and it’s a simple matter of a single click to ensure that Facebook doesn’t share your data with third party sites.

This may well be enough to satisfy much of the site’s user base, although it might still have to face scrutiny from the likes of the Federal Trade Commission.


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