Apple iPad sales hit two million plus

Darren Allan

June 1, 2010

The iPad – a giant iPhone, or a magical device set to revolutionise portable computing?

As far as the sales numbers go, the iPad certainly appears to be cementing itself as a success story rather than a mere niche based novelty.

Apple has released its latest figures for how many units of the tablet have been shifted, with the international launch just having happened.

And the magic number is two million iPads flogged worldwide. Two million in two months, in fact.

UK sales have apparently been very healthy over the weekend. As we reported, some people were even queuing overnight to make sure they got their hands on an iPad come launch day.

Apple can seemingly do no wrong at the moment. Last week, the company’s total value on the stock market overtook Microsoft.

That’s quite a turnaround since 1997, when Apple was on its last pips, and Microsoft reportedly kept the company from going under with a loan.

Although Microsoft still remains the more profitable company today, with Apple still having ground to catch up there.

The iPad is set to launch in another nine countries next month, which should obviously spur sales on further.

And presumably so will word of mouth in fresh territories such as the UK – or so Steve Jobs’ theory runs, anyway. Although the rate of sales is unlikely to continue at a million a month.


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