TalkTalk walks the walk with free broadband offer

Darren Allan

June 1, 2010

Fancy free broadband for a year? It’s a tempting offer which TalkTalk has just wheeled out.

And not just free broadband, either, but your landline calls free for 12 months too.

The deal is that weekend and evening calls will be free for the first year, along with your net access, although you have to sign up to an 18 month broadband and landline contract with TalkTalk.

What you’re actually getting is TalkTalk’s Essentials package for free. This normally costs £6.99 per month, so the offer represents a total saving of £84.

You will be charged phone line rental over the offer period, however, which amounts to £11.49 per month. And for the last six months of the contract, you’ll also be billed the £6.99 per month for broadband access.

The deal comes with a monthly data allowance of 40GB, very generous considering the budget price of this package (even outside of the offer period).

Although you have to wonder what the line’s performance will be like with a lot of customers hoovering up a lot of bandwidth.


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