Nokia N8 preview video up on YouTube

Darren Allan

June 2, 2010

Nokia has posted up a video on YouTube, giving a preview of the Nokia N8 in action.

The N8 is the Finnish company’s new flagship model, which has a drool-worthy specification including a 3.5 inch AMOLED touchscreen and a high quality 12 megapixel camera.

It also runs the new Symbian^3 operating system.

In the demo video, Senior Product Manager Chris Bennets shows off a number of features, starting with the three home pages the phone boasts.

These can have up to six widgets a piece on them, as well as their own dedicated wallpaper image.

Bennets stresses the fact that the N8′s interface is “simple and fast”, showing off how SMS text conversations are kept in a threaded manner, and the virtual keyboard that’s used to tap out replies.

A new email application is also here, designed to function “just like the email experience you get on your desktop PC at home”.

He shows off the web browser too, and makes a point of highlighting Flash support in a not too subtle dig at a certain fruit themed company.

Two more videos are expected to be put up on the video sharing site in the near future, to further detail the N8′s capabilities.

Thus far, the functionality looks quite neat, although the interface itself seems rather unexciting in aesthetic terms. It is, perhaps, rather too simple.

Maybe it will be jazzed up a bit between now and launch, although given that there isn’t much time – the phone should be out next month – you’d have to wonder whether this isn’t pretty much the look we can expect.

It might not matter to some, of course, but there are plenty of smartphone users out there who place a premium on things looking “cool”, in terms of both the phone and UI.


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