Sony games to get 3D treatment

June 2, 2010

Sony are increasingly playing with 3D technology and not only in television and Blu-ray products but also with the Playstation 3, as gamers can be the real winners initially because of the lack of content available for the TV and film industry.

According to Sony, the firms studies have found that gamers are more likely to convert to 3D after playing a game in the format, rather than people who have seen a film in 3D.

In Japan, users of the PS3 will be able to get free 3D updates for certain games such as Wipeout and Super Stardust.

While the company are using a 3D version of Motostorm 2 to demonstrate the latest Sony Bravia 3D televisions, there are no current plans to bring the game out in full 3D.


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