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June 3, 2010

Panasonic TCP65S1 1080p Plasma HDTV Review

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by Franz Bicar

When buying televisions, specially in this time of high-definition content, one would say that everything is all in the detail. Panasonic, the manufacturer of the TCP565S1 plasma gets this, and created this set with that saying in mind. A Neo PDP panel displays gorgeous full-time 1080p resolution in an energy efficient way. Panasonic designed this new panel so that it only uses half as much energy as previous models while maintaining just as much brightness. On top of that, a stunning 40,000:1 native contrast ratio teams up with an infinite black panel to contribute to deeper blacker levels. The TC-P65S1 turns movie, JPEG photos, or games into a masterpiece of natural, defined images.

Aesthetically, the Panasonic TCP65S1 1080p Plasma is a beauty. Neighbors will, no doubt, do a double take once they see this set. It’s gorgeous, but it’s not just a hunk of fine-looking flat panel. It’s loaded with intelligent technologies. Take the 600Hz sub-field drive, for instance. This technology produces razor-sharp images, even in high-speed chase scenes. Thoughtful additions like the pixel orbiter (an anti-image retention device), an Anti-Reflective panel, and an ENERGY STAR qualification add up to explain the impressive 100,000-hour panel life span. Furthermore, it includes three HDMI inputs that make way for other high-definition components.

Of course, standard with Panasonic sets nowadays is the Panasonic Viera Link. One can operate all home theater components attached through the HDMI connection with just one button on the remote. An HDMI cable carries not only digital video and audio signals, but control signals too. High Definition Multimedia Interface, or HDMI, is the only home A/V connection that allows for both Full HD 1080p video and 7.1-channel studio-quality audio to be passed along a single cable. In other words, in order to take full advantage of your home theater’s high definition potential, you need to HDMI cabling to link HD-capable components.

The TCP65S1 is not all about video. You can view high-definition JPEG photos on the TCP65S1 through the set’s SD card slot. Simply insert the SD card, into the SD slot on the TV and enjoy a photo slideshow.

Lastly, the video quality on the Panasonic TCP65S1 is near to perfect. Anything you do from your Xbox 360 to Blu Ray to just watching TV looks amazing! There is no pixelation, or ghosting with fast moving objects, and everything is crystal clear. The black levels are amazing, and even regular non-HD channels look good. The video is excellent, crisp accurate colors, and the large screen fills the field of view for a great video experience. The display of still photos is also superb.



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