PS3’s 3D Firmare Available Coming June 10

June 3, 2010

PS3 owners will surely be smiling from ear to ear once they read this news. Sony’s 3D firmware update for the PlayStation 3 will go live in Japan next week Thursday, June 10. US and other markets will be following shortly. Sony has finally announced the release of the much anticipated news, now a tangible download, in just a few days. Sony will kick things off in the Land of the Rising Sun by adding 3D support to three downloadable games, including racer Wipeout HD, asteroid zapper Star Strike HD, and human-chucking catharsis engine Mr. Pain. The last two games are Japan-only titles at this time, but expect to see other titles with this capability in the near future.

A fourth, international muscle-racer Motorstorm 2, will be available as an exclusive demo with the purchase of a 3D Sony Bravia TV. We’ve heard nothing firm yet about US release plans or launch titles, but with E3 just a few weeks away, those dates should be imminent. Sony also said it’ll add Blu-ray 3D support to the PS3 by the end of the year.


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