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June 8, 2010

Orange invents phone charging wellies

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by Darren Allan

With the British summer now in full swing, you will of course be needing your wellies.

Particularly if you’re off to Glastonbury later this month, where you can guarantee the usual Pilton monsoon and ensuing mud-bath will be in full flow.

Orange’s latest novel invention (in conjunction with renewable energy experts GotWind) could, however, ensure that while you might be wet and muddy, at least you’ll be able to find your mates in the vast festival site.

The idea in question is a pair of wellington boots which keep your mobile charged.

How do they achieve that? Basically, using the heat generated by your feet on the soles of the boot.

So the more you stomp around the festival, heating up your tootsies, the more juice is sent to your mobile (plugged in to the top of the boot), ensuring you can talk to people.

On the phone, that is. In an inversely proportional type manner, you’ll be less likely to be able to talk to people in person, due to your very smelly feet ponging the nearby area out.

Orange explained how the boots worked in technical terms, and it’s got something to do with thermoelectric modules, a thermopile, and a thermo-something-else. Thermos flask, possibly.

This one is an even wackier idea than Nokia had last week with its bike dynamo charging system.

Whatever next? The phone charging condom perhaps? Eight hours of non-stop sex will generate enough charge in your mobile to make a single call, for an ambulance, to admit your partner to A&E for burns treatment.

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