ITV Live crashes

June 14, 2010

During the first match of the World Cup 2010 event between the host nation, South Africa, and Mexico, ITV Live crashed, leaving fans frustrated and disappointed.

ITV Live was only one way for fans to watch the opening match, as well as the rest of the live matches throughout the competition.

According to a spokesperson from ITV, the ITV microsite had been experiencing technical issues through the content delivery network.

However, coverage on the ITV main site appeared to be unaffected with the live match continuing on

The problem for ITV Live is that it has been designed to cater for social networking too.

The player is located in the centre of the display and is surrounded by live Twitter feeds, match stats and a chat function.


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  1. Ah says:

    Such old news!! three days is a long time at the cutting edge of interactive tv - it’s now working fine!!

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