Virgin Media and BSkyB to battle over 3D TV

June 15, 2010

The battle lines are being drawn between the satellite provider BSkyB and the cable TV provider Virgin Media.

It seems that these two firms will always seem to find something to argue over and, in reality, it is good for the industry.

The new battlefield will be 3D TV.

It seems that BSkyB has had it too easy with this format and now Virgin Media is looking for a piece of the action.

According to the executive director of digital entertainment, Cindy Rose, Virgin Media will be entering the 3D TV market by the end of the year, with the launch of a whole range of new products.

The problem for Virgin Media is the lack of a market.

There is very limited content around although BSkyB has been successful with live sporting events in 3D.


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  1. Stuart Halliday says:

    With new TV technology due out in a couple of years time (by Microsoft no less) which will mean we don’t need to wear 3D glasses, it’s hardly the time to buy any of the current 3D TVs.

    So yes, I say its a limited market!

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