Sony Move motion controller out September 15th

Darren Allan

June 16, 2010

Sony has announced that its Move motion controller will come out in Europe on September 15th.

With the Xbox 360’s Kinect motion system due out in November, the battle for motion mastery will then begin on the run up to Christmas, with Sony having a bit of a head-start.

Unlike Microsoft’s system, which doesn’t use an actual controller and just detects body movement, Sony’s Move employs a wand device like the Wii.

Kinect’s controller-free nature gives it an edge for several reasons – it will doubtless feel more free and natural, and doesn’t require any charging up and so forth.

Sony, however, argues back that its wand controller will have buttons that’ll make it more versatile, and it’s more sophisticated than the Wii, being able to detect wrist twisting motions and more complex arm movements.

While Kinect has yet to be labelled with a price, a leak suggests it will be $150 in the US.

Sony, however, has gone right ahead and announced how much the Move will lighten your wallet by in Europe – 39.99 Euros. An additional navigation controller, which will be needed for certain games, will set you back a further 29.99 Euros.

Before spring 2011, Sony says that it plans to launch at least twenty games which support or are dedicated Move titles.


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