Record first day pre-orders as Apple iPhone 4 shifts 600,000

Darren Allan

June 17, 2010

On the first day of pre-orders for the iPhone 4, Apple says that it has taken over 600,000 orders.

And that’s in spite of the fact that the Apple store iPhone 4 page has been having serious problems, apparently with the volume of folks trying to get on.

600,000 is a new record for an initial day pre-order in Apple’s history, beating out the old iPhone, and indeed the recently launched iPad.

The iPad managed to sell just half of that, shifting 300,000 units, in its entire opening weekend of release in the States, for example. (Though it has continued to sell strongly and exceed the two million mark in two months).

All this bodes well for Apple’s smartphone market share, as even with those who are planning on upgrading and selling their old iPhone off cheap, that old iPhone will go to a new customer.

Apple has apologised to anyone who experienced problems ordering. No doubt those pre-order numbers would have been even more impressive if the online store hadn’t fallen over.

The Apple store is now all sorted, but those ordering online today won’t get their iPhone 4 before the UK release date of June 24th.

In fact, the site now says that the new iPhones potentially won’t ship until as late as July 2nd, so they’re running a week late.

Mind you, after all the delays with the iPad, that’s something Apple fans in the UK are no doubt used to.


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  1. JulesD says:

    I got my pre order hours after the store opened no problems… Wohaaa! cant wait.

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