3 set to undercut rivals with iPhone 4 pricing?

Darren Allan

June 18, 2010

T-Mobile, Tesco Mobile and 3 are the remaining iPhone 4 stockists who still haven’t revealed their tariffs.

And apparently 3 is playing it clever, waiting to be the last to announce, just so the company can undercut rivals – so says Unbeatable.co.uk.

The site claims it has spoken to some “forthcoming” 3 staff, who say the company has been on the blower to Apple to ensure it is going to offer the cheapest iPhone 4 deals in the country.

Interesting indeed, and if it’s true, maybe this will spark a bit more of a price war than we’ve seen thus far. Orange, O2 and Vodafone have all kept their iPhone 4 plans pitched very similarly, as predicted, at least in pure pricing terms.

Although there’s a bit more variance in the trimmings, such as the amount of mobile Internet on offer (where Voda plays the strongest suit with 1GB of data across the board on all plans).

At any rate, we won’t have to wait long before we hear from the final three, as the iPhone 4 is actually out next Thursday.

Samsung Galaxy S3

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  1. Niall says:

    Voda on their £60/mth deal still only give you 1Gb.

    I don’t need “unlimited” just somthing like 10Gb or therabouts

    If three’s network can take the strain of thousands of ex o2 iphone customers then i’ll be there too.

    Love the cheesy three tv adverts currently showing btw.

  2. Sam says:

    I suspect that the reason O2 are offering the iPhone 4 first to existing customers and contract buy out offers is that they want to entice customers off of their unlimited data tariffs.

  3. Jay says:


    I reckon it’s worth the wait, 3 are a decent network when it comes to pricing, and if the rumours are true then I won’t hesitate to stick with them and upgrade to an iPhone 4.

    But if you’re not a 3 fan, Vodafone’s £35 a month/2-year plan looks like an attractive offer at the moment.

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