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June 21, 2010

Apple’s secret malware patching tinkers

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by Darren Allan

Apple has apparently stealth-released a patch for a Mac OS X malware threat.

Security experts Sophos spotted this, and Graham Cluley wrote about it on his blog. The malware in question was the HellRTS trojan, and protection from it was added to Apple’s latest OS X update without a whisper of a mention.

As Cluley points out, the Mac is pushed as a platform which, unlike the Windows PC, doesn’t have to worry about viruses.

Of course, Mac users do have to concern themselves with malware – just not nearly as much as Windows users. It’s almost as if Apple doesn’t want to draw attention to the fact that there are ever any virus threats on a Mac computer, he argues.

The HellRTS trojan has been parading around disguised as the iPhoto application. Once installed on your Mac, it opens the way for hackers on the other end to use your machine to send out spam, and access your files.

Story link: Apple’s secret malware patching tinkers

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