Three million iPads sold

David Allen -

Apple never ceases to amaze the consumer and the industry.

When Steve Jobs stood up there in front of the Apple faithful to introduce them to the Apple iPad, it was received with open arms in the hall, but soon after there were the rumbles of the media putting it down.

But according to figures released by Apple, over the past eighty days over three million iPads have been sold and sales are increasing as one million were sold during month one, the same for month two, but during the third month sales are ten days ahead.

The next big figures for Apple will be for the iPhone 4.

So far the company is looking at a massive 600,000 in pre sales, so this is yet another Apple winner.

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  1. shadow says:

    Too many Apple fanboys wanting to waste money if you ask me

  2. Rikgief says:

    @ Shadow: couldn’t agree more

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