WiBE could deliver rural broadband

June 24, 2010

A British firm believes that it could have the answer to the UK’s rural broadband problem with its wireless broadband enabler (WiBE), a device that uses the mobile broadband network to provide a local hotspot offering 2 Mbps.

According to Deltenna, the company behind this device, the WiBE searches for the strongest mobile signal and then configures the internal aerial, enabling the device to offer strong broadband connection even in places where a mobile phone is unable to pick up a 3G signal.

The device has a maximum speed limit of 7.2 Mbps, but with tests in a rural situation the device has managed to regularly achieve a broadband connection speed of 2.8 Mbps.

The problem is that the mobile network is unable to sustain a strong signal for a long period of time.


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