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June 25, 2010

BBC claims viewers don’t mind violence

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by David Allen

Violence and bad language have always been hot subjects when it comes to the television so, in it wisdom, the BBC has apparently conducted a serious survey on these subjects by asking 300 people their thoughts on violence and bad language.

It turns out that violence is acceptable, sexual violence is a part of life and bad language is acceptable, even before the watershed.

However in contrast, a similar poll of 800 people carried out for the Daily Mail, found that bad language on TV actually offends the majority of viewers.

This survey of just 300 people could be taken as a green light to lower the current standards that are used in popular TV shows.

According to Mediawatch, it has never received any complaints that there is not enough violence on the TV; it has received plenty about there being too much though!

Story link: BBC claims viewers don’t mind violence

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