Facebook sends Twitter friend finder into flutter

Darren Allan

June 25, 2010

The Twitter app for Facebook links the two social networks up, allowing status updates to be simultaneously shared across both.

And yesterday Twitter updated the app to enable Facebookers to see which of their friends also has a Twitter account on the go, and to be able to click and follow them instantly.

Or that was the theory, anyway, although it seems that Facebook has blocked this feature. Twitter posted on its official blog: “The Facebook app cannot currently access your Facebook friend list. We believe this is an issue on Facebook’s end.”

Interestingly, TechCrunch has heard from Facebook that the site is working with Twitter to “resolve the issue”, which would suggest this wasn’t an intentional move.

Yet a Twitter spokesman also told TechCrunch that: “Facebook has notified us that they have blocked the update to our application, and we are working on a resolution with them.”

So whether or not this is a deliberate yanking of Twitter’s friend finder facility remains to be seen. If not, the issue should be sorted out pretty soon. If it is deliberate, then let the anti-social networking battle begin…


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