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June 25, 2010

Virgin Media shows off 400 Mbps modem

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by David Allen

The cable broadband and TV provider Virgin Media is on the verge of launching a new modem that is capable of handling up to 400 Mbps!

But of course a connection of that magnitude is nowhere near becoming available, although according to the firm there are currently around seventy thousand customers signed up for the up to 50 Mbps service.

The new modem and router will allow Virgin Media subscribers to take advantage of cloud computing, working from home and advanced phone services.

However, it is the introduction of the 100 Mbps broadband service later on in the year that will really set the level for other ISPs to follow and just to make things even more difficult, Virgin Media is planning to test a 200 Mbps service.

Story link: Virgin Media shows off 400 Mbps modem

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