OK! produces Celebspotter iPhone app

Darren Allan

June 28, 2010

OK! magazine has partnered up with Jeanie Media to produce a celebrity spotting app for the iPhone.

The Celebspotter app links content to location via Google Maps, and provides a list of recent celebrity sightings.

Users can add celebs they’ve spotted, or search for famous names and find out which bars, restaurants and clubs they’ve been spotted hanging out at.

And yes, our first thought was this is stalker heaven, too. However, OK! told the Guardian that the information published only details where celebrities have been retrospectively, and all this info is available in the public domain anyway. No details of where celebs actually are or will be is provided.

The idea is to give the public a taste of the lifestyle of the celebs, so they can visit the same places (if not afford the same meals and bottles of champagne).

Celebspotter also provides other bits and pieces such as entertainment listings. If you want the app, it’s £1.79 to purchase the chance to find out where Peter Andre eats. (In a decade or so, it’ll be from the bins behind Harrods).


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