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June 29, 2010

Boris Johnson further details London-wide wi-fi plans

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by Darren Allan

Last month, maverick Mayor of London Boris Johnson spoke about getting blanket wi-fi coverage up and running for the UK’s capital before the 2012 Olympics.

Now Bozza has been talking up the plans again, although as well as having wi-fi hotspots on lampposts and bus stops across London, now he’s also thinking of the tube.

Commuters on the underground would then be able to access their iPhones and Blackberries to get online, providing there’s enough elbow room present to actually work their phones.

The hotspots would be installed on platforms in the stations. However, Johnson acknowledges that achieving wireless Internet for the whole population of London will be an expensive affair, particularly when underground.

That being the case, it seems a reasonable likelihood that the service may be charged for. Initially, there were hopes it might be free.

Certainly Londoners are likely to be interested in the scheme anyway, if their current 3G network is creaking with the strain of all those new iPhone 4s.

Story link: Boris Johnson further details London-wide wi-fi plans

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