Microsoft Windows 8 details get leaked

Darren Allan

June 29, 2010

It’s not that long since Windows 7 was launched, and swiftly on its heels comes the first real chunk of news about Windows 8.

Not an official piece of news, of course, but a leaked presentation about the next Microsoft operating system which has been extensively examined by the website Microsoft Kitchen.

So, assuming the slides and information in question are genuine, which appears to be fairly likely, what can we expect from the next-gen Windows?

Facial recognition technology for starters. No more typing (or forgetting) a password to log on to your computer, just sit down and let the webcam scan your mug. Hopefully it won’t be tricked by someone holding up a large photograph of you.

Microsoft also appears to be exploring the possibility of a new fast boot-up mode, which is something Windows users have traditionally yearned for. Although by the time this OS emerges, solid state drives may be more widespread anyway…

Another interesting option Microsoft is supposed to be exploring is a one touch reset button, which resets the system to its default state while keeping the user’s information on board.

Expect a Microsoft App Store for Windows as well – unless, of course, these slides are fakes. Although they’re pretty elaborate ones if that is indeed the case.

Previously it has been rumoured that the next version of Windows will launch in 2012, which isn’t too far away now.


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  1. fc360 says:

    This sounds more like something I would expect on future phones not desktop and laptops. I can’t see a app store for computers would work, I would have a guess that it isn’t really a app store and would probably more likely be a updated Microsoft market place where you can get themes, gadgets etc. Due to the mass amount of software for Windows OS a app store that listed apps for windows wouldn’t really work that well

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