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July 5, 2010

Android 2.1 now on the HTC HD2

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by Darren Allan

The HTC HD2 is a Windows Mobile phone, or at least it was, but now some clever techies have managed to sort it so the handset can run Android 2.1.

In theory, anyway, although it should be noted that the team who achieved this, XDA Developers, say that it’s early days yet, and the project is very much a work in progress. So install it at your own risk.

The guys have managed this feat by getting a working Linux kernel on the phone, where previously a major stumbling block with CPU crashes had prevented this. XDA says the problem was solved by patching the bootloader HaRET.

This means you can also get a flavour of Linux running on your HD2, should you wish, although the results of that might be interesting, as it’s obviously designed for computers, not mobiles.

If you’ve got an HD2 and fancy a punt at switching away from Microsoft’s OS, then check out the XDA site for further details.

Story link: Android 2.1 now on the HTC HD2

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  1. when will it be completly ready without any problems

    Comment by Big E — July 5, 2010 @ 9:38 am

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