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Darren Allan
Darren Allan -

Auntie Beeb is due a slap on the wrist due to a bad joke put up on the BBC’s newly built Olympics microsite.

The Media Blog spotted that when the web page first went up, placeholder text was inserted underneath the Follow us on Facebook section.

The text read: “You can also become a saddo on Facebook”, which unsurprisingly has offended many of the license paying Beeb viewers who are on the social networking site.

Twitter wasn’t singled out for such a scathing comment, with just a simple placeholder line saying “Follow the latest updates etc” inserted under its heading.

Perhaps the web designer in question is a secret tweeter. At any rate, he’ll probably be making some high pitched noises when the Beeb bosses get hold of him after this particular faux-pas…

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  1. Word of Mouth Mike says:

    this is typical of big media who cannot get their head around the concept of wisdom of crowds. That your friends and ordinary people may have more of a clue about what is going on than their overpaid, arrogant, past their sell-by-date experts!

  2. jase says:

    Referring facebookers as ‘saddos’ is entirely unaccceptable, in my opinion. A more appropriate phrase would be “Anyone who uses facebook are complete #@%?$!! “

  3. notafacebooksaddo says:

    Ha ha jase - too true, too true. facebook saddo’s. get a life the lot of you.

  4. notafacebooksaddo says:

    you can just hear them all now.. “boo hoo, the bbc called me a saddo… whaaaaaa!!!”.

  5. notafacebooksaddo says:

    perhaps the bbc employee has a life, and REAL freinds, and thats what is so hurtfull - the truth!!

  6. notafacebooksaddo says:

    “whaa, im gonna tell my mum… you called me a saddo… whaaaaa”

  7. notafacebooksaddo says:

    i don’t know whats worse about this - facebook saddo’s think it other facebook saddo’s the text is referring to, or that nobody really gives a toss.

  8. BringIThome says:

    I think the Beeb should go further and do a fly on the wall documentary on farsebook users. It would probably fall of the wall from boredom…

    Like all technology, Use it, Don’t let it use you.

  9. notafacebooksaddo says:

    where are all the facebook saddo’s comments??? are they too busy with their virtual (not real) freinds? or do they really not care???

  10. Brian Turner says:

    “where are all the facebook saddo’s comments??? are they too busy with their virtual (not real) freinds? or do they really not care???”

    Why care about the “saddo” comment? After all, once upon a time anyone using the internet was just a “saddo”. Geek and nerd used to be derogatory terms.

    Now internet use is mainstream, and being a “geek” or “nerd” has some cool associations.

    So, please, don’t be surprised if anyone using Facebook really doesn’t give a crap about the entire issue. :)

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