LG Android tablet before end of the year

Darren Allan

July 5, 2010

The news from LG is that the company will be producing its own Android tablet before 2010 is out.

LG already has a Windows tablet under way, so this is its second project which joins the many hopefuls hopping onto the iPad bandwagon. Apple’s device, while not selling as quickly as the iPhone 4, has at least proved there’s a market out there for the tablet.

According to the latest figures, the iPad has sold over three million units to date, shifting around a million per month since its launch.

The details on LG’s latest effort are scant – pretty much all that has been put out there is that it will run Android, probably version 2.2.

We’ll update you with more as we hear it, but if there’s one thing that’s guaranteed, it’s that not all of these bandwagon tablets are going to be nearly as successful as the big Apple’s.


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