Rural Wales gets broadband boost of £2 million

Darren Allan
Darren Allan -

The Welsh government is to make £2 million worth of funds available to help get broadband out to rural areas.

Residents out in the sticks of Wales who can’t get broadband due to their remote location will be eligible for a grant of up to £1000 to pay for getting hooked up to the information superhighway. Sorry, Internet – who flicked the time travel to the nineties switch?

The government is going ahead with the scheme because it acknowledges the importance of getting folks, both homes and businesses in out of the way places, hooked up to the net for the good of the Welsh economy.

These up to £1000 grants will be available to be applied for later in the summer. This scheme is separate to RIBS (Regional Innovative Broadband Support Scheme), which BT announced and we reported on a month ago.

This hooked up the villages of Beulah and Ystrad Meurig in Ceredigion, and Cil-y-Cwm and Llanfynydd in Carmarthenshire to the broadband grid.

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