EU Directive to cap mobile roaming charges goes live

Darren Allan

July 6, 2010

The EU has introduced regulations to place a cap on the maximum charge a company can extract from a traveller using his or her mobile abroad.

Previously, less aware mobile owners could go on holiday and happily surf the net as well as the waves, unaware that they were running up a bill potentially to the tune of hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

Not any more, as the EU has introduced a maximum limit for roaming charges of 50 Euros – although that’s not including VAT.

Customers will be warned when they’re getting close to this limit, and if they reach it, they won’t be allowed to do any further browsing.

If you want to use more than 50 Euros worth of mobile data when abroad, you’ll have to request that specifically from your operator before you go away.

It’s about time that a measure like this was introduced, as it’s clearly blatant exploitation to change an admittedly foolish but unwitting person several grand, or more, for downloading a film while on holiday.

Bear in mind that this only applies for those holidaying in Europe, of course. Visiting destinations elsewhere in the world and getting carried away with your mobile browsing could still see you running up a bill which is more akin to a mortgage.


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