iPhone 3G crowned as the most recycled phone

Darren Allan

July 6, 2010

1.7 million iPhone 4s were shifted in the smartphone’s first three days on sale. There’s certainly been no shortage of takers for Apple’s new baby, and stocks are short across the country.

And it would seem that a fair number of the plentiful buyers out there were upgrading from an older Apple handset. Or so the number of iPhones being cashed in and recycled seems to indicate.

In fact, according to comparison website Sell My Mobile (via PC Pro), the iPhone 3G was the most recycled phone in the UK last month.

The 3G 8GB was the top of the recycled charts, followed in second place by the 3G 16GB, and then the 3GS 16GB.

Yes, Apple’s smartphones held all three top chart positions for the month, even though the iPhone 4 was only on sale for the last week of June.

Naturally, the amount of activity with older iPhone models has driven their market price down somewhat.

Looking at the current prices for recently sold phones on the Sell My Mobile site, a 3GS 16GB can still fetch you £230, mind you.

It certainly seems like the technical problems we’ve been hearing about regarding the iPhone 4′s antenna haven’t dampened the public’s enthusiasm for the phone.


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