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July 7, 2010

Epic Games VP warns against dismissing motion control

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by Darren Allan

When it comes to Microsoft’s Kinect and Sony’s Move motion controllers, both due out later this year, gamers tend to have two responses.

The first being “what’s the point, this will be a flash in the pan”, and the second being “let me at it, I want to have a go”.

Vice President at Epic Games Mark Rein has spoken out on the issue of motion technology in games in an interview with GamesIndustry.biz, and he definitely sees it having a future.

Rein anticipates motion control systems spreading their wings from the consoles, and talks about the idea that the future of Kinect might be on your laptop.

Or indeed tablet. In the interview, he gives an example of a tablet with the Kinect sensors built-in, which you could place down on a stand, on top of a table, and then fire up your dancing game.

Then you could bust your moves wherever you are, perhaps in public if you’re really, really brave.

Indeed, who knows, a whole new generation of buskers may spring up on city corners and train stations across the UK, funking their stuff to Britney behind an upturned hat. Or maybe not.

We still think Kinect’s early adoption is going to depend a lot on that price point, and whether MS can manage to keep it below (or at least not above) the magic £100 mark.

Story link: Epic Games VP warns against dismissing motion control

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